Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year - New Games. Doke on PivMerge

Hi all.. Doke here, wishing you all a happy New Year.

I didn't have a bad 2012 (I remained profiitable enough online to continue making a decent living from the game) but I'm hopeful 2013 will be even better with some big live scores to go with continued online success. I have a busy few weeks right at the start with the WPT in Citywest, and two foreign trips I satellited into (UKIPT Edinburgh and EPT Deauville).

I'm particularly looking forward to Deauville as I haven't played an EPT in almost 2 years. My last EPT trip (Berlin in 2011) was a successful one as I managed to cash in the main event and final tabled a side event, so hopefully I can pick up where I left off.

Since Irish Eyes moved, I've been putting in decent volume, primarily on Cake (reviewed in the last letter) and I final tabled the Cake High Roller a couple of times and managed to win it one night.

But I also play on 'PivMerge' (the name of the Irish Eyes Merge software, also known as 'Onfire') and Irish Eyes Poker Ideal (reviewed in the next letter).

So far I've mainly played 6 max online holdem cash on PivMerge (which is very soft and well worth a try if you fancy dabbling in cash) but there are also some decent daily tournaments:

10 PM $5k gtd ($109 freezeout)
11 PM $3k gtd ($60 rebuy/addon)
12 PM $5k gtd Deepstack ($60 freezeout)
3 AM $3K gtd 6 max turbo ($22 rebuy/addon)

The PivMerge major is at 8 PM on Sunday's and is a $109 freezeout 100K gtd. This tournament will always have a special place in my heart as when I won it a few years ago it was my first online major.

I've been mixing things up a little by adding some online cash to my schedule. While mtts remain my main focus, I think it's no harm to diversify, and one of my new year's resolutions is to play more cash in 2013 (and also games other than holdem). PivMerge has some good low stakes cash action in Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Razz, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Triple Draw and Badugi.

If you'd like to check these or any other tournaments out, Irish Eyes have released the 'reload' bonus code 'IERELOAD' which gives a reload bonus (once per player) of 150% up to €500 (t&c's apply). The bonus is cleared in 10 steps, so if you deposit 100 euro, you will get the bonus of 150%, in this case 150euro , the bonus will be credited in 10 steps 150/10 = 15 euro. Make sure to enter the promotional code IERELOAD when you are making a deposit.
If you missed the introduction to the system and my Cake tournament picks in my last letter, (including mention of Irish Open Qualifers with $4,000 package guaranteed and Super Poker Event sats) you can still read it at

And if you are having any issues regarding the move from our old site to the new system, you can read about the changes at these pages:

Happy New Year from myself and all at Irish Eyes Poker

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letter from Doke: Doke on Cake!

Hi, Doke here.

With Irish Eyes back up and running on a number of different networks, I've been getting in decent volume. In this letter I will give details on my favourite games on 'Irish Eyes Poker Cake', ( on the Revolution network).

Anyone watching me set up my Irish Eyes account after the migration would find it difficult to believe I was an IT consultant in a former life before poker. There seems to be a bit of confusion about the fact that you need to download software for each room (network). However, you only need to download the ones you intend to play on. So far I've restricted myself to Irish Eyes Poker rooms, Cake, Ideal, and Merge (to download the Irish Eyes Merge software you need to click on the 'Onfire' logo on the download page).

Irish Eyes choose to increase the number of different networks available on the site in order to bring players a wider choice of games at different times, rather than choose to be on just one network only like they were on with Entraction.

This means that along with downloading the different software, you are also asked to update the 'profile' in your account when you log in the first time, and whenever a new product is launched. This is because you have a username on all the different networks, and the username you choose must be checked for availabilty on each network. If you have different usernames on each network and want to check what they are, just log it to your Irish Eyes account at the website and click on the ID icon (the little man) at the top right hand side of the page. This will open a menu in which you can see your username on each network.

As more networks are added the choice will get even bigger, but you will need to download each network's poker client in order to play on that particular network, and choose a username for that network. The advantage though is having only one wallet that can be used on all the networks, plus you get rewards in the VIP Club that are based on accumulated play on any of the networks you choose to play on (except Enet).

In this letter I will look at the tournaments on 'Irish Eyes Poker Cake', on the Revolution network.

The Irish Eyes Poker Cake schedule is particularly good for night owls with a lot of good games after midnight when European sites like Ipoker traditionally die. There are also a few good games in the evening. My favourite weekday games are:

4 PM $1500 gtd freezeout ($20 buyin)
5 PM $3k gtd freezeout ($55)
6 PM $1500 Deepstack freezeout ($30)
7 PM $5k gtd freezeout ($150)
9 PM $3k gtd rebuy ($30)
9 PM $7500 gtd Deepstack freezeout ($200)
10 PM $2k gtd shorthanded rebuy ($20)
10 PM $1500 gtd rebuy ($10)
11 PM $10k gtd ($100)
Midnight $3k gtd rebuy ($10)
1 AM $7500 gtd freezeout ($100)
1.30 AM $2k gtd Deepstack turbo ($20)
2 AM $4k gtd freezeout ($55)
2 AM $15k gtd High roller ($215)
2.30 AM $5k gtd rebuy ($15)
3 AM $5k gtd rebuy ($30)
4 AM $5k gtd shorthanded turbo rebuy ($20)
4.15 AM $3k gtd Deepstack turbo ($30)
5 AM $5k gtd turbo ($55)
6 AM $5k gtd turno rebuy ($30)

Their Sunday major is a $109 freezeout with a $100k guaranteed. This was recently won by Irish Eyes player Daragh Davey and is one of the softest Sunday majors. Like a lot of the games on the network, it often has an overlay, which is great news to value-hunters like me.

Some other tournaments currently on Irish Eyes Poker Cake are:

Irish Open sats daily to Main Qualifers with $4,000 package guaranteed. Sats have buy-ins from $3.30 to $11.

Super Poker Event sats are: Daily $6.60 sats at 8pm to the Super Poker Event Online Final ( $40 buy-in) on Sunday Dec 30th at 7pm with a Super Poker Event seat guaranteed.

Even though the games are in Dollars you still deposit and withdraw through your Irish Eyes wallet in Euro.

If you'd like to check these or any other tournaments out, Irish Eyes have just released the 'reload' bonus code 'IERELOAD' which gives a reload bonus (once per player) of 150% up to €500 (t&c's apply). The bonus is cleared in 10 steps, so if you deposit 100 euro, you will get the bonus of 150%, in this case 150euro , the bonus will be credited in 10 steps 150/10 = 15 euro. Make sure to enter the promotional code IERELOAD when you are making a deposit.

Away from poker for a minute, just in case you are interested in the market, Irish Eyes have launched a new product today called Binary Options.

Binary Options are predictions on how the market price of a certain financial product will perform over a specific amount of time. Binary options are simple, quick, and profitable. Trading is a straight forward and lucrative way of investing in any market of your choice, while not having to purchase assets or wait for your profits. Since Binary Options are predictions, there is no need to acquire the assets themselves. If this interests you go to for more information.

If you have any issues about your account, email or see

Good luck at the tables - unless I'm at the same table :)


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Letter from Doke (with help for players concerning the Irish Eyes site move).

I have been ticking along online (last Friday I won the main nightly tournament on French Stars for almost 10k). I have been lookingforward to the relaunch when I (and you) will be able to play on a number of different rooms through an Irish Eyes account. I will give some pointers on the juiciest games in forthcoming Letters. Also below I have outlined how the system works and a couple of the issues that are confusing a some players.

Since the last letter, I played EMOP Dublin. I was hoping to get a good run in this again this year but it wasn't to be. At least I had the consolation of seeing two of my close friends Daragh Davey and Padraig "Smidge" O'Neill make the final table. Both qualified through Irish Eyes satellites so it was especially pleasing when Smidge went all the way.

At dinner in Clontarf Castle after Smidge had gotten headsup, there was a bit of discussion among what we jokingly refer to as "the Firm" as to what Smidge's strategy should be now he was headsup against an unpredictable recreational player. While we usually focus on specifics of how to play hands, this was one of those occasions where the overall strategy had to be carefully considered.

Smidge had a chiplead of over 3 to 1, his opponent had less than 20 big blinds, and the general consensus was to try to grind him down even further using smallball before getting it in preflop. Against a more experienced opponent the plan would have been to get it in sooner rather than later, but the last thing Smidge wanted to do was let his opponent flip his way to the title.

There is a little confusion on how the new Irish Eyes multi-network system works.

The first thing to think about is that Irish Eyes have no access to your password, either on the old network or on the new network.  This is for security reasons. So, when the site moved, a new temporary password had to be sent to all players. This was done via an email sent to the registered email address on each account. If you did not receive this email it could be because your account was originally set up with a different email (so the password email would have gone there), or the email may have gone into your spam or junk email folder.

Check the spam/junk folder or if you know you set up the account originally with a different email address, and you cannot now access that email account, send an email to asking them to change your email address and get the system to resend the temporary password to the updated address.

From the email, click on the link and you will be taken to a webpage and asked to fill in your username. (If you cannot remember your username email and they will help you). Once this is done another email will be sent to you with a temporary password to access the website.

Get the new password and log in to your account at the website. Once you have logged into the new website (which you should do before you try to log into any poker client), the system will ask you to update you personal information and change your password to your own choosing.

The next step is to log into the poker client you want to play on. Assuming you have downloaded the poker software, then the first time you log in the poker client will see from your username and the fact you are coming onto the network through Irish Eyes, that you need to be asked for a nickname that will be used instead of your username on the network. You can choose a nickname or try using your existing username, and the poker network will check to see if it is available. If it is, then it will accept that name.

All of the new products use your Irish Eyes username to log in. So once you have logged into each poker client once, when you go back to the network you still log in with your Irish Eyes username (not your nickname that you set up). The network recognises your username and then signs you in under your nickname. So you do not have to remember each nickname. Your nickname is what will be shown on the poker tables when you play.

If you log into your account on the Irish Eyes Poker website, and then click on the ID icon of the 'little man' on the top right hand side of the page, a drop down menu will appear and all of your ID usernames on the sites will be shown. But remember, these are your usernames not your nicknames as you log into the poker clients and other products each time with your username.

To have funds available on the poker network or other product you want to play or bet on, you need to transer funds to the relevant product through your cashier, which is on the website. Log in, or click on the cashier button on any of the poker clients, and you will see your balances on the different sites.

There is an easy 'transfer' function at the top right hand side of the page where you can just move funds between any of the products. Once funds are in the correct account, you can play on that network or product.

There will be a few teething problems, (one effecting logging in through Internet Explorer for instance), and Irish Eyes tell me they are working on these right now to get them resolved asap.

I am also told that the system of allowing players to deposit and withdraw through the network of Irish Eyes affiliated clubs will be be back in operation. Ask your local club if they are affiliated and offer this service.

Keep up to date with news, tournament info, and sports bets by joining our Facebook page:

Good luck at the tables - unless I'm at the same table :)