Saturday, May 29, 2010

EMOP Italia!!

Im writing this overlooking lake como on the Italian/swiss border. We are here to play in the EMOP Italy. Unfortunately, this will not be a very long post, or a post about being successfull, because i have failed to make it through day 1.

The tournament had a great starting field of 400 runners. The only downside of that was that over half of them were itallian!! Now Im not racist, or anything like that, but i have yet to meet an Italian who is a good poker player. Im sure they are there, i just havent come across them. On the 2 tables I played on today, I came across about 12/15 of them, and the mind boggles. heres an example;

we start with 20,000 chips. 3rd blind level, blinds are 100/200. Utg raises to 550, 2 callers, C/O reraises to 1400. All 3 who had raised and called the raise called the reraise, putting approx 5.5k in the middle. flop comes A-7-5. UTG shoves for 23,000, all 3 fold after a dwell. UTG proudly turns over A-10 to show he wasnt bluffing!!!
I knew if and when I was going to get stuck in a pot with them, I was going to have to play a big pot. But you want players of that standard on your table whenever you play.

So, on to my own tale of woe. Nothing much happened in the 1st couple of levels, but in the last hand before the break, there was a raise to 250, 2 callers and i called otb with 22. Flop comes 2-4-6, with 2 clubs. Raiser checks, Italian bets 600, i call, oroginal pf raiser folds. turn is 4s. Italian bets 1300, I dwell for a while, hoping he will put me on the flush draw, and call again. River is a 10d. He bets 2,200. I dwell again, and make it 8,000, and he snaps. I show the 22 for the boat, he yells yes and turns over 4-7 for trips. he thinks hes ahead until the dealer shoves the pot to me.
I get moved table, and things are going fine and i have 28,000 when the blinds are 150-300. i raise the c/o with 77 to 750, sb and bb call. Flop is a golded J-J-7, 2 hearts. Checked to me, I bet 1,500. Sb folds, bb makes it 4,600. (he is italian, and im estacic!!). I pause and reluctantly call. Turn is the 4h, and I hate this, because Im scared he might think I now have a flush, and his J might not be any good anymore. He checks, and i fire 6k into the pot. He announces all in for another 13,000, and i have my chips in before him. he proudly flips over A-J for trips, and i show 77 for the boat. Im mnot so happy though when the dealer somehow finds another ace on the river to steal the pot from me. I now have 3.5k when I should have 55k. Its a sick sick game we play.
I climbed back up to 13k in the 400-800 level, when I raised to 2,200 from the c/o, and same player reraises me. This time, I have my best starting hand of the day, and I shove with QQ. He has to call now, and he has AK. Two kings on the flop, and the 4th king on the river seals the deal, so i will have to wait for EMOP Bulgaria to make a name for myself.

patricia ran queens into Aces, and later kings into aces to go out day 1, while teamtom gort very unlucky when he clashed with another big stack and had his aces cracked by 33 late in the day. EMOP champion from Portugal, Timothy Timmotheu, is also gone, as his big crash came when he ran kings into aces.
Dunno if im gonna play the side games, as this is a beautiful area and Im anxious to see a bit of it while im here. I believe george Clooney owns a big property on the lake here,and Im not surprised about that at all. Words dont do it justice, and when i find out how to transfer pics from a mobile onto this site, Ill post uo a few.

Ill try and write another piece for here tomorrowe night, depending on the humour im in. But sure, it cant be any worse than i feel tonite.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June Newsetter

Welcome to our June Newsletter where you will find information on all of our new promotions, including a 100% RELOAD deposit bonus for June, and news of the next EMoP leg in Bulgaria.

Team Irish Eyes Poker had a fantastic trip to Lisbon and scooped 1st and 5th place in the main event. The Team are now off to EMoP Italy and hope to bring back even more prizes. Make sure you join the Team for EMoP Bulgaria.

EMoP Bulgaria, Crystal Crown Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from 28 July to 01 Aug 2010

The fifth stop for European Masters of Poker in Season II will be in Crystal Crown Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria from 28 July to 01 Aug 2010. Join the Irish Eyes Poker Team at EMoP Bulgaria for the great EMoP Team Party. Main qualifiers from €100 and Satellites online now from €2.

Keep upto date on the Team's progress at EMoP Italy this weekend, and all other EMoP announcements by joining our Facebook page

Celtic Poker Tour

Our association with the Celtic Poker Tour, Ireland's Premier Poker Tour gets stronger and stronger. We have some great promotions with the CPT including a new CPT Irish Eyes Poker Live event in the Bridge Club, Banbridge on 20th June, with 7,000 euro guaranteed. Capped at 100 players, registration online only, is available now.
We are also delighted to announce that you can now deposit and withdraw funds in cash from your account at any CPT event.

Win your seat to any of Celtic Poker Tour's weekly events in our Monday night satellite at 8.30pm, with one Celtic Poker Tour weekly ticket guaranteed.
Plus we can announce the new Players Championship 2010/2011 where Irish Eyes Poker and Celtic Poker Tour are guaranteeing €25,000 to a FREE entry live tournament in April 2011.

June 100% Reload Bonus

Reload your account this month using reload code 'june500ie' and we will match your deposit up to €500, (except cash deposits).

Any amount up to €500 can be deposited to get your bonus. Deposit €100 and get €100 bonus. The deposit is released into your account after 30 days at a rate of 5 euro per 100vip points earned.


In June two endurance challenges are arranged.

All players who earn 150 VIP or more every day (00:00:00 to 23:59:59) from the 1st of June to the 15th of June will equally split a prize pool of €10,000.

All players who earn 150 VIP or more every day (00:00:00 to 23:59:59) from the 16th of June to the 30th of June will equally split a prize pool of €10,000.

All winnings are paid out directly to the players' accounts after the challenges are concluded.


The leaderboard is divided into three different levels: Low €1 - <€10, Medium €10 - <€50 and High €50+. All Sit & Go tournaments except Double or Nothing (DoN) will count towards the leaderboards. Ranking, point distribution and payout structures can be found under the Account Information tab in the poker client.

Over €5,000 in Freerolls Monthly.

With Daily prize pools of up to €100, and small player fields, the next batch of upcoming freerolls are not to be missed! Freerolls include:

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New Team Irish Eyes Poker Live VIP Tournament Bonus club coming soon.

Best of Luck
Irish Eyes Poker

Monday, May 10, 2010

EMoP Live Super Satellites this week

Team Irish Eyes Poker EMoP Live Super Satellites this week:

Tuesday 11th in the Bank Casino, Cork at 8.30pm. €100 F/O.

Thursday 13th in the Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin at 8.30PM. €100 buy-in.

Sunday 16th in the Bridge Club, Banbridge, at 6PM SHARP. £150+£15 buy-in. 15K Stack.

Sunday 16th in the Cue Club, Killarney, at 7.30pm. €80 buy-in. 1 Rebuy OR add-on €50.

Win your package and join the Team at EMoP Italy or any EMoP event of your choice. See for more details.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Irish Eyes Poker May Promotion: New low buy-ins to guaranteed tournaments.

Irish Eyes Poker May Promotion: New low buy-ins to guaranteed tournaments.

All next week we are offering half price or less buy-ins for daily guaranteed prizepools in the following tournaments:

Time Name Old Buy-in New Buy-in
14.00 €1,000 Guarantee €50 €25
15.00 €1,000 Guarantee Shorthand €40 €10
16.00 €1,000 Guarantee €75 €25
17.00 €1,000 Guarantee €50 €25

The lower buy-ins for these tournaments will be available for one week between 8-14th of May. Don't miss out.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Jason Tompkins New Irish Eyes Poker Pro

Jasons New Personal Blog can be found here: