Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EMoP Lisbon - A Result


A huge congratulations to Timothy Timotheou (centre picture) who won the EMoP Lisbon main event on Sunday last 28th March. Timothy is a great tournament player and qualified online to win his EMoP package. Tim won out in the final hand against Lithuanian Povilas Portukas.
How it happened: Purtokas completes and Timotheau checks. Flop 74K rainbow, check-check. Turn J. Timotheau bets 140K, Purtokas shoves all in, call. Timotheau has K9, i.e. top pair, Purtokas only TT. Only one of the two remaining tens would save the Lithuanian. But a 4 falls.

A big congratulations also to Paul Lucey from the Atlantis Casino in Carlow who came 5th.
And to Patricia O'Sullivan one of the last 2 ladies in the event who just failed to make the prizemoney.

Well done to Timothy, Paul, Patricia and all the Team Irish Eyes Poker players.

EMoP Lisbon Top 5
1: Timothy Timotheou - 86 680€
2: Povilas Portukas - 53 190€
3: Henrik Torstensson - 34 672€
4: Diogo Borges - 22 064€
5: Paul Lucey - 17 336€

Top Team Irish Eyes Poker EMoP positions.
1st - Timothy Timotheou
5th - Paul Lucey
48th - Patricia O'Sullivan

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 1b at EMOP Lisbon.

Obviously, after my exploits yesterday,(day 1a), I was not involved in the playing side of things today, but as 6 of the team Irish Eyes group were playing day 1b, including my wife Patricia and daughter Ciara, I decided to go to the casino and lend my support. And truthfully, it was more draining than the hard slog on the table the night before. Its one thing to be in control of your own destiny, but when your just sittting or standing there watching the games go on, you feel powerless and everytime you see one of your own entering pots, your heart would be in your mouth. But sure, I suppose thats why we love this game so much.

The 6 irish eyes qualifiers today were patricia, Ciara, Jamie Lowe,(Killarney), William Brown, (Bangor), Thomas Collins, Castlemaine and Janus Jeszek (Dublin).
William had the best start, and sure why wouldnt he. in the 1st blind level, he had AA,KK,QQ,JJ and 99, as well as flopping a set of 4's. Considering he missed his flight out here and had to go to lots of trouble to get another one on time, and then proceeded to lose his passport since he got here, his luck was bound to change!!!! Having said all that, his luck ran out just before the end of the day when he raised with Ad-Kd, got 1 caller, flop comes Qd-10d-6d for a pure gin flop. Willian bets out the flop as he's thinking to himself "how do i get his chips here?". he didnt have to think for long when his opponnent announced "all-in". William snap calls him obviously and they both have 50k in the middle. Opponnent has 10-10 and an ugly 6 on the river gives his opponnent the full boat and see the chips sliding across the table. A sickener really for william, but thats poker for you.

Janus was just as unlucky. Blinds were 500-100 and Janus was very comfortable with 50k. He raises with AA, and opponnent annouses reraise all-in. A delighted Janus insta calls, yer man has 6-6, and a 6 on the flop ends Janus's hopes.

Jamie Lowe had got off to a quick start as well, racing up to 38k when the average was only 23k. But then he suffered a few hours of being totally card dead, and after dropping to 24k, he got it all-in preflop against AK with 99, but the river brought a king to eliminate Jamie with just an hour of play left in the day.

Enough of the sad stories now, as our other 3 contestants successfully made it through day 1 and into tomorrows play to join myself and Paul Lucey as the 5 team Irish Eyes players still in the tourney. With over 400 starting the event, its a great achievement to get 5 of our 11 qualifiers through to day 2.

Ciara was card dead all day and never got past her starting stack for the 1st 8 hours of play. She finally got the double up her patience deserved when she raised of the button with 33, got called by the Bb who had KQ, and the flop came K-9-3. The bb duly obliged and doubled Ciara's stack from 15k to 30k. Ciara stayed card dead for the last 2 hours, but some aggressive short stack play saw her maintain her 30k stack at the end of play.

Patricia, who is only playing the game 2 years, has played extremely well once again and qualified for day 2 with 45.5k. This is her 4th EMOP event, (and are the only 4 big tourneys she has ever played in),and this is her 3rd time making it to day 2. Its truly an advertisment for the tight is right bregade. Her big hand came when she had about 17k, she raised with JJ, got reraised by a scandie in the blinds, and she shoved her stack in. he called with AK but the JJ's won the race.

Last but not least is Thomas Collins. Thomas doesnt get to play many live tourneys, but he took to it like a duck to water. He gathered a tight image all day and then used it when the blinds got bigger. he got very unlucky when he called a shortstacks all in for 12k late in the day when he had 88, and the shortstack turned over J-2. A 2 on the flop, and another 2 on the river saw tom lose the pot. He was down to 13k himself then, but he recovered brilliantly to finish up the day on 35k.

So thats it for today. I'll report back tomorrow night with news on how the last 5 team members do on day 2. Paul Lucey is nicely stacked on 95k, while the other 4 are all less than the average stack. But each of them is only 1 hand away from being right back in it. 125 players return to do battle with a new table draw. 45 player will get payed. heres hoping we'll have something to cellebrate after tomorrow.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Team Irish Eyes Poker at EMOP Lisbon.

TR from EMOP Lisbon.


Well, after the last EMOP in Gran Canaria, I said I'd do another TR from the next one in Lisbon, so here we are. I'll try to keep it a bit short though as its 4.45am out here, and I could do with some sleep!!
Flew out yesterday with some of the family, my wife Patricia, and daughter Ciara and her boyfriend Jamie, as well as Lplate and his wife Sheila. They're all playing in the tourney(all qualified online at irish eyes poker.com) except for Sheila who doesnt play, so theres a bit of pride in the last longest. Theres a good gang from Ireland here this time, with 12 qualifiers in total from Irish Eyes Poker.
We're staying in the beautiful Palacio hotel in Estoril (just outside Lisbon). Its a 5 star, but it was part of the package, so 4 nights of granduer guaranteed. The casino itself is the biggest I've ever seen outside of Vegas. Its a really classy joint, with 4 large restaurants, live music and as much gaming as a man could want. (1,000 slots!!).

There are 2 starting days, 1a (Thursday)and 1b (Friday)with a cap of 250 each day. I decided to go with 1a, for no particular reason except that they are having a €300 2 day event as a side event and that is starting Friday night, and I reasoned that if I didnt make it through day 1a, I would be free to play the side event. That doesn't mean I don't expect to make it through day 1, but it was enough reason to make me decide which start day to play. Spotted a good few lads I know quite well by now from playing these EMOPs, and also had some Irish playing 1a as well, LPlate, Paul Lucey from the Atlantis casino in Carlow, a guy called Finn O' Sullivan from Dublin and a friend of Paul's from Carlow called Connor. I met with Finn in the queue to register. Finn doesn't play live much but plays quite a bit online. He was really looking forward to the experience.
20,000 starting stack, the 1st 4 levels are 45 mins, and then its an hour clock for the rest of the tourney. The only difference in this tourney from our well structured ones in Ireland is that they dont have a 75/150, and when they introduce antes, they dont replay a blind level. Other than that, the structures are pretty much identical.

I started really slowly, failing to get any hands of note, and failing to hit when I got in there with the speculative hands. I was playing basically ABC poker and would have a tight image to the rest of the table. The standard at my table was surprisingly good, as I had been told that the Portuguese were very poor players, but I had 4 of them at my table and I thought they player quite well. I didn't see any of them making any big mistakes. One thing I was happy about is that I was drawn on table 13 of 25, so I knew I'd have plenty time to create an image for myself as they break tables out here from the highest number down. (Is there anything worse than creating a tight image for yourself but finding your table breaking before the blinds go high enough and you have to change gear)?

We went to the dinner dreak after 5 levels, and I had only 6 pots of note played in that time. And I was only down 400 from my starting stack, which was an achievement of its own!! I had 1 pair in that time (QQ) which I won with, and A-9 was the biggest ace I saw, so timely 3 bets were keeping me in the game. We were schedueled to play 10 levels, with the last level being 800-1600, so I knew I'd have to get chips from somewhere if I wanted to stay in the game.
I dropped as low as 13k on this table, and got it back again without showing hands (which was as well!!), and when my table finally broke, I still only had my starting stack, and this was the middle of level 9. I was down to 15k with blinds at 500-1000 when I won a race with AQs against 99, and suddenly I had 30k, my high of the day!! Then, a very tight Portuguese player got moved onto my table, 4 to my left. (he had been on my 1st table all day so I knew how tight he was). Of course when it was folded to me when he was in the bb, I was raising as he knew I was tight and with the blinds now 500-1000 and 100 antes, it was worth stealing. But when raising from the HJ, I kept being repopped from the button or sb, and I done 10k there over a few laps. So we moved into the last blind level of the night, and I was in trouble again. I kept looking for a spot to get them in with as I needed a double up, but all of a sudden I had only 12bb, and thats not enough to get raisers off pots (especially scandies), so I was tring to pick my spots carefully and now open shove instead of reraising.(Thats all you can do with 17k-18k, blinds 800-1500, 100 ante).

I got a little unlucky when I got em all in with my AQ againgst scandies A-10, with the board running out K-9-3-9-9 for a split pot when I could have done with the chips. But not long later, the same guy raised my blind and I found QQ. He had 10-10 and mhig and I'm up to 33k. Still not great, but I have some power back. 2nd last hand of the night saw a Portuguese player raise to 4,000, scanie flats otb and I ship in the sb for 35k. Both fold quickly, and I finish the night and bag my chips with 45,000.

I suppose its not great when the average is 65k. (210 players started 1a, and 65 left I think). Day 1b is on Friday, with day 2 on Saturday. We go back to 1,000-2,000blinds. I have enough chips to work with though. I had QQ twice today, and had 3 small pairs dealt to me as well, 1 x AK and 3 x AQ's, so if I can hang in there long enough, the tide might turn and I might hit a few hands. Thats the plan anyway, but sure isn't it everybodys!!!

Other team member news, Matt Dobbins didn't make it through day 1, he had a lunatic of a Portuguese player on his immediate right who trebled up early and just had to play every hand. Lplate managed to trick him into getting all his chips in on the flop with Matt holding top set, but the Portugues man-o-war called him with 2nd pair and managed to runner-runner a straight. Last I saw of Matt he was propping up a bar counter (or it was propping him up, I'm not sure which way it was!!). Paul Lucey from the Atlantis casino in Carlow has 100k and is in prime position. Connor got coolered when he he's KK in a raised pot. Flop is K-10-10. Bet, reraise call. 10 on the turn, bet call. Ace on the river. Opponnent bets 10k out of a 15k stack and Connor folds.
Finn had no luck either, losing a couple of big races before finally getting his chips in with AQ only to lose the race.
Day 1b sees Patricia and Ciara o Sullivan in action, along with Jamie Lowe, Thomas Collins, William Browne and Janus Jeszek. Hope a couple of them will join Paul and I in day 2 in our assault on the title.
I must say that the new Irish Eyes Poker uniforms look stunning. I'm just about to head down to the casino and lend my support to the lads and lassies.

Thats it for now,


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi there,
Just updating. travelled to Cork last Tuesday night for a satellite in the Bank casino. The satellite was a live satt. for the EMoP in portugal (Lisbon) later on in the month, and I'm glad to say it was won by a friend of mine, Rob Quinn from Bandon. So Rob is the latest man to make it onto the Irish Eyes team for lisbon. We had only 3 runners at the last EMoP in Gran canaria, but it looks like we will have between 10 and 15 players on our team heading to portugal. Hopefully, 1 of us can go deeeeeeeeep!!!!
I never got going myself in the satellite, absolutely card dead the whole night. I lasted about 3 to 4 hours, but that was only from making moves in the right places. After getting no pair all night, I finall picked up a half decent hand in the 400-800 blind level, As-Qs. I raised to 2,500 but got reraised. I only had 9k starting the hand, and i didnt really feel like folding the best hand I seen all night, so i stuck them in only to see KK by my opponnent. Two spades on the flop gave me some more ouits, but it wasnt to be and the best pre-flop hand won.
I must say, gavin, Ger and the lads have a fine job done with the Bank casino. Its very comfortable in there, and its definately a place i'd return to.

Online is going ok, not spectacular, but OK. I cashed in the 20k gtd,cashed twice in the 8k gtd, and had a great run in the 12noon €30 F/O, chopping it twice and finishing 4th and 7th in 4 days. maybe I should stick to that tourney!!! I won an online satellite to Lisbon last week on IrishEyes, and so did my wife patricia. Patricia is only playing 2 years, nut she is improving all the time. She definately has the patience required for the game. Matt won his package as well, and I was delighted to see a Cue Club regular, jamie Lowe, also win a package last sunday night in the Sunday final. We have a live sat in the Cue Club on Saturday night next, so hopefully that will see another cue club regular make the trip to portugal. Should make for a good party out there!!!!

Well, thats it for now, I'll update before we head out to lisbon. talk soon


Friday, March 05, 2010

Exclusive EMoP Live Satellites

Team Irish Eyes Poker are coming to a casino near you soon for our Exclusive EMoP Live Satellites

If you would like to join Con, Matt and the Irish Eyes Poker Team in Lisbon Portugal at the European Masters of Poker event from 25th to 28th March, make sure you qualify for your package online or at one of our exclusive Live EMoP Satellites.

EMoP Live Satellites:

Tuesday 9th March: Bank Casino, Cork, starting at 9pm. One seat worth €1,650 GUARANTEED.
€100 Freeze-out, 10,000 starting stack, 20 minute clock.

Wednesday 10th March: Atlantis Casino, Carlow, starting at 8.30pm.
€150 Freeze-out, 10,000 starting stack, 20 minute clock.

Thursday 11th March : Fitzwilliam Card Club, Clifton Hall, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, starting at 8.30pm.
€100 Freeze-out, 10,000 starting stack, 20 minute clock.

Saturday 13th March: Gold Club Casino, Letterkenny starting at 9pm.
€50 buy-in for 6,000 starting stack (plus 1,000 early bird available)
€50 re-buy for 6,000 chips
€50 add-on for 8,000 chips

Sunday 14th March: Cue Club, Hilliards Lane, Killarney stating at 7pm. One seat worth €1,650 GUARANTEED.
€80 buy-in for 7,000 starting stack.
€50 re-buy or add-on 9,000 chips

Or Qualify for EMoP Lisbon in our EXCLUSIVE €100 freeze-out Super Satellite on Monday 15th March at 7.30pm.
Daily and Weekly satellites to the Super Satellite online now from €1

Qualify online in our frequent daily satellites from only €2. Over 100 EMoP packages GUARANTEED.

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