Tuesday, February 22, 2011

D-Day Poker April 1st 2011

Irish Eyes Poker are delighted to announce D-DAY POKER.

D-Day Poker, a colloboration between Cue Club Events, Poker Ireland, INEC and Irish Eyes Poker, is an exciting new poker tournament on the Irish Poker calendar. D-Day starts on April 1st 2011 and will see over 100 venues jointly host D-Day 1 Live.

For an entry fee of only €60 you can compete in a local game for a prizepool of €100,000est.

On April 1st, in each participating venue, every player will start with 8,000 chips and the game will run with a 20 minute blind clock. This clock will run on www.d-daypoker.com.

Play stops in each venue when 25% of that venue's starting field remain in the tournament. (Example: in a game with 20 players, the game stops when there are 5 players left).

The local tournament director will then be responsible for keeping a record of the qualifiers and their respective chip stacks, which all go forward to Day 2.

Day 2 at the INEC Killarney will see blinds begin at the 200-400 blind level with a 40 minute clock. The average chip stack for Day 2 will be 32,000 chips or 80 big blinds.

Players who make it to Day 2 face no further tournament charges as the original €60 comprises €50 tournament entry fee and €10 registration fee.

Players that don't make it to Day 2 in D-Day 1 Live still have a shot by playing the D-Day online series every Friday from April 8th on Irish Eyes Poker.com Click here for more details.

Any player may enter Day 1 Live and any number of subsequent Day 1’s Online. If a player qualifies on more than one occasion for Day 2, only the largest chip stack attained will be in play on Day 2. For more see 'Event Rules'

There will be absolutely no direct buy-ins to Day 2 at the INEC. The only way a player can compete in Day 2 (like any other tournament) is to make it through D-Day 1Live or the subsequent D-Day online series on Irish Eyes Poker.

For more information see www.d-daypoker.com