Friday, November 23, 2012


Irish Eyes Poker are holding a €2,000+ VIP Freeroll on Wednesday 28th November for all players with VIP point balances in their account.

VIP points cannot be redeemed for value except for tournament buy-ins and as we are moving platform on 3rd December we are now offering players the chance to win prizes by using their existing vip points in this VIP Freeroll. Use your vip points to buy into this event and win some great prizes - see prizepool list below.

The Irish Eyes Poker VIP Freeroll will have a 2,500 vip point buy-in, but we are also running 50 vip point and 250 vip point satellites into the main VIP Freeroll.

The schedule is as follows:

Irish Eyes Poker VIP Freeroll with 2,500 vip point buy-in on Wednesday 28th Nov at 8pm. NL Holdem. F/O. 2,500 starting stack chips. 12 min clock

250 vip point Satellite to VIP Freeroll on Sat 24th, Sun 25th, Mon 26th and Tue 27th Nov at 8pm. 3 seats guaranteed to VIP Freeroll in each. NL Holdem. F/O. 1,500 starting stack chips. 10 min clock.

50 vip point Satellite to VIP Freeroll on Sat 24th, Sun 25th, Mon 26th and Tue 27th Nov at 7.30pm. 1 seat guaranteed to VIP Freeroll in each. NL Holdem. F/O. 1,500 starting stack chips. 10 min clock


If you have more that 5,000 vip points, you can get even more starting stack chips by pre-registereing for the VIP Freeroll by emailing BEFORE Midnight Tuesday 27th November.

Email your username and how many vip points you want to use (2,500 for buy-in and 2,500 for each extra 1,000 starting stack chips). Example, if you have 10,000 vip points in your vip point balance and want to use them, email us for pre-registration and you will get 5,500 starting stack (buy-in = 2,500 vips points used getting you 2,500 starting stack chips plus 7,500 vip points used getting you a further 3,000 starting stack chips).

Email  BEFORE Midnight Tuesday 27th November to pre-register and get more starting chips.

NOTE: You can also satellite your way into the main VIP Freeroll AND also use any extra vip points over 2,500 to get extra starting stack chips. If you have won a satellite and secured you seat in the VIP Freeroll, email us with your username and date of satellite win, plus how many vip points you want to use for extra starting stack chips. Remember, 2,500 vips = 1,000 extra starting stack chips.

VIP Points will be removed from player accounts after email requests are received and players will have the extra starting stack chips on the table when the Freeroll tournament begins.

List of prizes:

1. Entry to Super Poker Event of Europe buy-in €350. See

2. Entry to any Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin, End of Month €270 Tournament. See

3.Two hours Professional Online Poker Tuition with Dara O'Kearney

4. €200 in players online account

5. Entry to the Gold Rush Casino €10,000 Guaranteed Christmas Tournament, Buy-in €200. See

6. Entry to the JP Poker €10,000 guarantee in the Village Green Card Room on 11th Jan 2013, Buy-in €150. See

7. Entry to any €120 Celtic Poker Tour Event. See

8. Entry to the Gleneagle Irish Poker Festival on in Killarney from 29th Nov to 2nd Dec 2012, Buy-in €120. See

9. Entry to any €120 Celtic Poker Tour Event. See for more details.

10. €100 voucher for Circles Snooker Club or Ned Kelly's, Clonmel.

11. Entry to any Eglinton Casino Wednesday Night Poker Tournament. Buy-in €90. See

12. Three Frames of Snooker with Ken Doherty in the Ken Doherty Snooker Academy, Terenure, Dublin. See

13. Entry to the Gold Club Letterkenny €40 Friday night tournament. See  

14. €40 in players online account

15. Entry to the Gold Club Letterkenny €40 Friday night tournament. See

16. €30 in players online account

17. Irish Eyes Hoodie and polo shirt

18. Collection of Poker books

19. Irish Eyes Hoodie and polo shirt

20. Collection of Poker books

21. €10 in players online account

22. €10 in players online account

23. €10 in players online account

24. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

25. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

26. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

27. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

28. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

29. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

30. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

31. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

32. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

33. Irish Eyes Polo Shirt

Best of Luck.

Irish Eyes Poker

Monday, November 19, 2012

Irish Eyes Bet


(This article appears in Player Ireland magazine in November 2012. By Dara 'Doke' O'Kearney)
With the news that IGT Interactive Network (Malta) Ltd, formerly Entraction Network Limited (ENT) will close their gaming operations on December 11, 2012, Irish Eyes Poker took the decision to leave the network and will be launching an exciting new player offering in December. The new and improved site will allow players the option of playing, in 7 different poker rooms (with other big names joingin soon), in live casinos, and betting on our new sports book which includes live in-match betting and horse racing. And our new accounts will also provide access to Forex trading!

This exciting new venture sees 1997 World Snooker Champion Ken Doherty joining Irish Eyes Bet so watch out for tips and news from Ken on our brand new sports book. Ken told me, "I'm really looking forward to getting involved and making some money for our clients through my hot tips for each competition".

As a multi-platform site, Irish eyes will offer players the ability to deposit and withdraw from all the poker rooms, casinos and betting products through one centralised account. Through this account players will be able to: Play Poker in the following Poker Rooms: Merge, Cake, Enet, Ideal, Everleaf, InstaPoker, and Poker Venezia. (Other poker rooms will also be added in 2013).

Play Casino in our 'Live Casinos' and 'Online Casino'. Place Sports Bets on our completely new sports book, which includes live in-match betting and horse racing. Plus Forex trade through the same account.

All of this will be made simple and convenient through the new Irish Eyes 'Flexi-Account', the first innovation of its kind in online poker.

Current players on Irish Eyes Poker will be able to have their account migrated to our new platform with all details and balances (except VIP Points and unredeemed Instant Reward Bonuses, which we advice current players to use or redeem before 30th November in order not to lose them). If you have a current Irish Eyes Poker account you will receive an email shortly asking if you agree to have your account migrated to our new system. We advise that you update your email address in your Irish Eyes account and 'allow' emails from Irish Eyes Poker in your email inbox, to ensure you receive this email, or subscribe to our newsletter below.

All migrated accounts will move seamlessly to our new platform where players can then log in with their current username and have their account details and balance immediately available. Current account holder balances are perfectly safe and will be available to use or withdraw immediately after migration to our new platform. Migrated account holders will simply be asked to accept the new terms and conditions when first logging into the new system and change their password.

All migrated accounts will be automatically set up on all 7 poker rooms and other products. All you will need to do to play poker is choose a 'nickname' in each room when you first log in 'if' your Irish Eyes username is already taken in that poker room. When a player creates a new account on Irish Eyes, the account will automatically be set up for access to all poker rooms and other products.
We will also provide a 'Multi-Installer' that you can choose to download after you sign up that will install all poker room clients onto your desktop in one go. Or you can choose to install whichever poker room(s) you would like to play on individually.

The ability to play different poker rooms from the same account offers advantages to both recreational players and high volume grinders. For recreational players, the main advantages will be a richer variety of tournaments and cash games available at different times of the day. Different rooms have different peak times. For high volume grinders like me, there is the added convenience of a central cashier. Like all players who play on multiple sites, one of my major logistical nightmares is moving money between sites.

With a central cashier that allows money to be moved directly from one room to another without an intermediary bank or Neteller account, these hassles will be greatly reduced. This is of particular benefit to players such as myself who also stake other players. The hassle of having to move your own bankroll around between different sites multiplies when you start having to do the same for other players.

We will also launch a fantastic new reward program that will reward players on all play on our site. No activation is required. Simply by making your first deposit you are eligible. Starting your rise to power is easy: with your first deposit, you automatically join our VIP program and you have the chance to reach the most prestigious levels, and obtain incredible bonuses. Every bet in the casino, every poker hand played in any poker room (except ENET), every wager on Sports Betting, allows you earn “ DOUBLOONS”, golden coins that let you climb the nobility ranks in our "VIP CLUB". The amount of DOUBLOONS you have determines your rank. The more you climb in the ranks, the easier it is to earn and accumulate DOUBLOONS and to receive our biggest BONUSES.

If you currently have an Irish Eyes account and need advise on our existing or new products starting in December, please email us at and we will be delighted to answer your questions.

Our new site is planned to be up and running on the 3rd December, so visit us at or in December. We look forward to seeing you.

There will be some important information coming soon also, so the best way to receive all the information is to subscribe to our new Newsletter.

If you are a current Irish Eyes newsletter subscriber and account holder, important news will be delivered to your email inbox shortly. Therefore please make sure emails from Irish Eyes do not go to your junk/spam folder.

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Best of Luck
Irish Eyes Poker

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Major changes to Irish Eye Poker that will effect your account.

Due to matters beyond our control, from 3rd Decemeber 2012 we will not be able to continue to offer you the opportunity to play on the Poker Network with whom we currently partner. However, we have undertaken serious enquiries to find a suitable replacement network where you could continue to enjoy your Poker play for a long time to come. We have found a partner who can offer you, the player, tremendous opportunities for playing poker on 7 different poker networks, as well as casino games and sportsbetting, through your existing account. The partner is well known and trusted and has been granted various licenses in Malta to operate online gambling and betting services all over the world. PIVgame Ltd is a company established in Malta with an impeccable history in online gambling and betting.

Obviously, to simplify matters for everyone and to expedite and facilitate the move to our new Partner, we will be migrating the data of all players from our existing system to our new partner's systems on the 3rd December 2012. We are obliged to strictly follow the laws stipulated in the Data Protection Act which is based on the EU Directive on Data Protection (Directive 95/46/EC). You obviously have to right to object to us transferring your data to our new partner and you may do this by simply sending an email to and stating: I do not Accept, and provide your username, within 14 days from receipt of this email. In order to assist you in your decision you may view the new terms and conditions and see our new products by clicking the following link

If you do not object, your personal details and balance will be transferred to our new partner, with the exception of your password and your VIP Points & unredeemed Instant Reward Bonuses. We therefore advise you to use your VIP Points or redeem any outstanding Instant Reward Bonus before 30th November in order not to lose them. Once the data has been successfully transferred an email will be sent to all players with instructions on how you are to log on for the first time with your existing username. In order to satisfy Regulatory requirements you will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions up on first logon. Once logged in you will find your balance is available for game play on all of our new products.

We are sure that you will find that we have made the right move and chosen the right partner for you to continue enjoying playing poker. Should you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us on

Yours sincerely,

Kind Regards Irish Eyes Poker

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Exciting News from Irish Eyes


You may be aware that Irish Eyes Poker is leaving the IGT network (formerly Entraction) in December. Much has happened over the past few weeks and we are now delighted to announce Irish Eyes Poker will launch a completely new offer at the start of December. The planned lauch date is December 3rd.

Irish Eyes will have brand new products with lots of new Poker Tournaments, New Rewards, Live Casino, Sports Betting including in-match Live betting, Irish and UK Horse racing and much much more.

The best way to receive all the information is to subscribe to our new Newsletter.
If you are a current Irish Eyes account holder, important news will be delivered to yout email inbox shortly. Therefore please make sure emails from Irish Eyes do not go to your junk/spam folder.

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Best of Luck
Irish Eyes Poker

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