Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi there,
Just updating. travelled to Cork last Tuesday night for a satellite in the Bank casino. The satellite was a live satt. for the EMoP in portugal (Lisbon) later on in the month, and I'm glad to say it was won by a friend of mine, Rob Quinn from Bandon. So Rob is the latest man to make it onto the Irish Eyes team for lisbon. We had only 3 runners at the last EMoP in Gran canaria, but it looks like we will have between 10 and 15 players on our team heading to portugal. Hopefully, 1 of us can go deeeeeeeeep!!!!
I never got going myself in the satellite, absolutely card dead the whole night. I lasted about 3 to 4 hours, but that was only from making moves in the right places. After getting no pair all night, I finall picked up a half decent hand in the 400-800 blind level, As-Qs. I raised to 2,500 but got reraised. I only had 9k starting the hand, and i didnt really feel like folding the best hand I seen all night, so i stuck them in only to see KK by my opponnent. Two spades on the flop gave me some more ouits, but it wasnt to be and the best pre-flop hand won.
I must say, gavin, Ger and the lads have a fine job done with the Bank casino. Its very comfortable in there, and its definately a place i'd return to.

Online is going ok, not spectacular, but OK. I cashed in the 20k gtd,cashed twice in the 8k gtd, and had a great run in the 12noon €30 F/O, chopping it twice and finishing 4th and 7th in 4 days. maybe I should stick to that tourney!!! I won an online satellite to Lisbon last week on IrishEyes, and so did my wife patricia. Patricia is only playing 2 years, nut she is improving all the time. She definately has the patience required for the game. Matt won his package as well, and I was delighted to see a Cue Club regular, jamie Lowe, also win a package last sunday night in the Sunday final. We have a live sat in the Cue Club on Saturday night next, so hopefully that will see another cue club regular make the trip to portugal. Should make for a good party out there!!!!

Well, thats it for now, I'll update before we head out to lisbon. talk soon


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