Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st live outing in the IrishEyes colours!

Well, as those of you that read the blog now know, I've recently signed up as a sponsored player with It's a great thrill for me to be a sponsored player, and it means I'm gonna get to play all the EMOP events, and with them being my fav tourneys to play in, then thats a real bonus!!! The EMOP is the European masters of poker, a series of tournaments that is the flagship for the entraction network, of which Irisheyes is a part of. I've been qualifying for these over the past few months on, but even though I'm now going to be sponsored into the tourneys, I'm still going to go down the route of qualifying. If I get another package, there's plenty family members to make use of it!!!

The next stop on the EMOP tour is in Lisbon, Portugal on March 25th. Myself and patricia have our flights and hotels booked (Patricia won her package last tues night in the Tuesday final), so its all systems go. Hopefully, I can get a result out there. we're staying on an extra few days, going down to Villamoura for 3 days after the poker, so that should be nice.

Well, I made my first live outing last Friday night in the irisheyes colours, and a successfull outing it was!! Travelled up to Cork to play in the Maccau monthly game, which is a €250 + €25reg game played on the last friday of the month. 50 players turned up for the game, which is well down from a few months ago,creating a prize-pool of €12.5k. 15,000 chips and a 30 minute blind clock meant for a decent structure, and in fairness, when it was pointed out to the td that the 150-300 level was skipped, he gave us an hour at tyhe 200-400 level to make up for it. To make a long story short,made it to the final table with the average stack. Two players had big stacks, 1 of them I didnt know, the other being Nicky Power who drew the seat directly to my left. Didnt really like that as Nicky would know a lot about my game, and my raises would probably get snapped off here, so I had to ne careful. Some were talking about a deal for for 7th, 8th,and 9th (6 being paid), but there were 3 short stacks on the table, and nicky refused (quite rightly imho) as he felt if everyone was in the money,it would just become a push fest and take away his advantage. All the shorties finished up doublig up, and at 6am, we were still 6 handed. the players started talking about doing a deal on chip equity as it was so late, (chop the prizepool 6 ways according to the chips you have). While this discussion was ongoing, I shoved twice in a row (blinds 5k-10k), and picked up a handy 30k before the chip counts were done. We done the deal asnd I got €2,000, near enough the same as coming 2nd, so i was happy enough with that.

Thats it for now. Let all your pots be monsters!!

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